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Marquee Event - International Conference                        Marquee Event - International Conference

 Highlight                                                      Glimpses

 Six Distinguished Computer
 Science Professors  from

 USA and Europe delivered

 keynote addresses on day

 one of the conference

 Prof. Sartaj Sahni  Prof. Sitharama Iyengar
 University of Florida  Florida International  S. Gaur, Director IIT, Jammu was the Guest of Honor at
 USA  University, USA  the  conference.  The  conference  received  97  paper
 ICNGCIS, 2017  submissions out of which 35 were selected as regular

      papers  and  14  were  selected  as  short  papers  for
      presentation on day 2 of the conference.
 International Conference on

 Next-Generation Computing  Prof.  Sartaj  Sahni,  a  globally  recognized  authority  in
      computer science from the University of Florida, USA
 & Information Systems  delivered  the  inaugural  keynote  address  and  spoke
      about time and energy efcient big data computing
      algorithms. The second keynote address was delivered
 Prof. Vijay Kumar  Prof. Torsten Braun  The  International  Conference  on  Next-Generation   by  Prof.  Sitharama  Iyengar  from  the  Florida
 University of Missouri  University of Bern
 Kansas-city, USA  Switzerland  Computing  and  Information  Systems,  ICNGCIS,  2017   International  University  on  the  impact  of  Articial
 was organized by MIET on 11th-12th, December. The   Intelligence  on  the  future  of  the  Indian  software
 conference was sponsored by the All India Council for   industry.  Post  lunch  two  keynote  addresses  were
 Technical  Education  (AICTE)  and  the  conference   presented by Prof. Sharma Chakravarthy, University of
 proceedings were published by Conference Publishing   Texas at Arlington on Data Science and by Prof. Vijay
 Services  (CPS)  of  the  IEEE,  USA.  Prof.  Ankur  Gupta,   Kumar,  University  of  Missouri-Kansas  City,  USA  on  the
 Director  MIET  presented  the  welcome  address  and   Internet-of-Things space.
 described the international conference at MIET as a
 milestone  in  the  development  of  computer  science   The nal technical session concluded with keynotes by
 research ecosystem in the state of J&K. He reiterated   Prof. Torsten Braun, University of Bern, Switzerland and
 Prof. S Chakravarthy  Prof. Sanjay Madria  the  commitment  of  MIET  to  develop  high-quality   Prof. Sanjay Madria, Missouri University of Science and
 University of Texas  Missouri University of
 at Arlington, USA  Science & Technology, USA  research capabilities in computer science and IT with   Technology,  USA.  The  day  concluded  with  light
 international mentoring and collaboration. Prof. Manoj  classical performances by reputed artists of the region.

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