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Industry Linkages                                                                             Industry Linkages

         AWS Cloud Computing Architect Certification

         MIET became one of the rst few institutions across   30th  September.  The  core  of  the  training  was  to
         India to collaborate with Amazon to offer the AWS    design  cloud  architectures  for  reliability,  security,
         Cloud  Computing  Architect  training  and           performance,  efciency  and  cost  optimisation  for
 Bentley BIM Advancement Lab Setup - Nov. 17  certication  to  its  students.  The  linkage  was   varying customer needs and scenarios. The training
         established in March 2017 and in the rst phase Mr.
                                                              was delivered by experts from Amazon USA. The tie-
         Rishi Gupta, Manager Software Development and        up  with  Amazon  strengthens  the  already  strong
 First Industry-Driven Center of Excellence for Civil Engineering  Mr. Purnendu Prabhat from CSE attended the ve   industry linkages at MIET with tie-ups in place with
         days  instructor-led  training  for  the  AWS  Cloud   IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Dell EMC.
 MIET  and  Bentley  Systems,  USA   presence  of  Prof.  Ankur  Gupta,   cement  Lab  is  the  rst  and  only   Computing Architect course at Pune from 26th to
 collaborated  to  setup  the  BIM   Director MIET, M r . Vinod Malhotra,   i n d u s t r y - d r i v e n   c e n t e r   o f
 (Building  Information  Modeling)   Former  Development  Comm-  excellence  in  civil  engineering  in
 Advancement  Lab  with  cutting-  issioner and Town Planner, Jammu,   the state of J&K and among the rst
 edge,  industry-relevant  software   Mr. R. Arun Kumar , Manager India,   few in North India. It will offer hands-
 catering to diverse sub- domains of   Academics,  Bentley,  Ms.  Charu   on exposure to students on over 60
 Civil Engineering. The BIM   Advan-  Chaudhary,  Relation  Manager,   software   packages   from Bentley
 cement Lab as inaugurated by Mr.   North    India,    Bentley  and  Mr.   including  STAAD,  MXRoad  and
 Vinayak Trivedi, Vice President and   Rominder  Bedi,  CEO,  Innovative   Context Capture.
 Global Head, Bentley Institute in the   Systel.  The  Bentley  BIM  Advan-

         DELL EMC - ISM                                       DELL EMC - CIS

         Launched                                             Inaugurated

         MIET in association with DELL EMC launched a course   The Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) course
         on Information Storage Management. This course is    was  launched  at  MIET  for  nal  year  students.  This
         intended for college students in Computer Science    course  educates  participants  about  cloud
         and  Information Technology degree programs who      d e p l o y m e n t   a n d   s e r v i c e   m o d e l s ,   c l o u d
         seek a strong foundation level of knowledge about    infrastructure,  and  the  key  considerations  in
         data  storage  technologies.  Participants  will  gain   migrating  to  cloud  computing.  The  course  covers
         knowledge  of  the  core  logical  and  physical     technologies required to build classic (traditional),
         components of a storage systems infrastructure.      virtualized, and cloud data center environments.

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