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Distinguished Lectures                                                                  Distinguished Lectures

 Lessons in Personal Excellence - May 2017

 Mr. Sanjay Koul - Country Manager, Apple India

 Mr. Sanjay Koul, Country Manager,
 Apple India visited the MIET cam-
 pus and delivered a Distinguished
 Lecture  on  Lessons  in  Personal
 Excellence  which  was  deeply
 appreciated by over 250 students
 and  faculty  members.  The  audi-
 ence listened with rapt attention as
 Mr. Koul retraced his journey as a   Prof. Dinesh K Pandya - IIT Delhi Dr. Manoj Saxena - Member IEEE
 school student at Model Academy
      Advances in Engineering - 5th May, 2017                 Research in Electron Devices - 29th Aug., 2017
 in Jammu and the key lessons he
 learnt  along  the  way.    He    also    Prof.  Dinesh  K.  Pandya,  IIT  Delhi  delivered  a   The  Department  of  Electronics  and  Communication
 shared    insights    on  important   Distinguished Lecture on "Advances in Engineering” for   Engineering  organized  the  IEEE  EDS  Distinguished
 attitudinal  and  personality  traits   the  1st  year  students  at  MIET.  The  objective  of  the   Lecture which was delivered by Prof. Manoj Saxena,
 that  are  necessary  to  achieve   lecture  was  to  inspire  students  by  highlighting  the   Delhi University who is also a Senior Member, IEEE and
 success  in  the  highly  competitive    wonders  of  engineering  and  technology  and  its   Vice-Chair  EDS  Society.  Dr  Saxena  covered  recent
 corporate  world.  tremendous impact on the progress and evolution of   trends in electron devices fabrication and simulation
      the entire human race.                                  with focus on practical applications.

 Advances in Cognitive Technology  - May 2017

 Dr. Gargi Dasgupta - Senior Manager, IBM Research Center, India

 Dr.  Gargi  Banerjee  Dasgupta,
 Senior  Research  Manager,  IBM
 Research, India delivered the ACM
 Distinguished  Lecture  on  “Cogni-
 tive Computing” covering aspects
 of  articial  intelligence,  machine
 and  deep  learning,  natural  lan-
 guage  processing  and  sentiment
      Prof. Rajiv R Thakur - IIM Jammu                        Mr. O P Vidyarthi - Director EERS
 analysis  for  over  200  CSE  and  IT
 students  and  faculty  members  at
      Case Study Analysis - 3rd Nov., 2017                    Environment and Technology - 21st April 2017
 MIET. Dr. Gargi received her PhD in
 Computer  Science  from  the   Prof.  Rajiv  R.  Thakur,  IIM  Jammu  delivered  a   Mr. O.P. Vidyarthi (IFS), Sahitya Akademi Awardee and
 University  of  Maryland  Baltimore   Distinguished Lecture on Case-Study Analysis for over   Director  EERS,  J&K  Govt.  delivered  a  Distinguished
 County, USA in 2003. She has been   120  students  from  the  School  of  Management  and   Lecture  on  "Technology  and  Environment".  He
 with IBM Research since 2004 and   other  departments.  He  took  students  through  case   explained  the  far-reaching  impact  of  technological
 heads  the  team  delivering  next-  analysis techniques and interesting case-studies from   advancements  on  the  fragile  ecosystem  and  some
 generation of cognitive solutions.  international corporates to local businesses.  steps to reverse the damage caused.

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