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MIET was the first institution in the region to have the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering accredited by the National Board for Accreditation (NBA) for a period of three years from 2008-2011. The institution is in the process of applying to the NBA for re-accreditation in the next session.

 About NBA

National Board for Accredition (NBA) works through its General Council and the Executive Committee.

The major objectives of NBA are as following;

  • To assess and grade colleges and institutions of technical and professional education, the courses, and programs offered by them, their various units, faculty, department etc.
  • Stimulate the academic environment and quality of teaching and research in these institutions
  • Contribution to the sphere of knowledge in its discipline
  • Motivate colleges and institutions of technical and professional education for research, and adopt teaching practices that groom their students for the innovation and development of leadership qualities
  • Encourage innovations, self evaluation and accountability in higher education
  • Promote necessary changes, innovation and reforms in all aspects of the working of the college/institutions of technical and professional education
  • Help institutions realize their academic objectives