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Research & Development

From VIP's

Dr. Nirmal Singh
Hon'ble Dy. Chief Minister, J&K

It was a pleasure to visit MIET and experience first-hand the fantastic ambience and infrastructure. I will term it as a modern Gurukul looking at the environment and the organized manner in which the campus is planned. I wish the leadership team and all the students the very best for continued future success.

General JJ Singh
Former Governor, Arunachal Pradesh, Former Chief of Army Staff of India, Alumnus of Model Academy (MIER)

I have no words to express my great joy and satisfaction at visiting MIER. I owe all my achievements to this great institution which taught me the character and qualities of the head and  heart. I wish the MIER Group the very best in the future. God Bless.

Jenab Ghulam Nabi Azad
Former Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India and Former Chief Minister of J&K

It is pleasure to visit Model Institute of Education and Research on its 70th Foundation day. I am extremely happy to see the various activities of the institute. Model institute is “Model” in real sense for all educational institutions both Pvt. & Govt. I wish management best of luck in their endeavor.

Prof. Amitabh Matoo
Former Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu

Each time I visit the MIET campus, I am tremendously impressed by the growth in infrastructure and human resources. MIET is truly a model for other private sector institutions in the state and the rest of the country.

Mr. Mohammad Akbar Lone
Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education J&K State Govt.

I am extremely impressed by the talent and organizational abilities of MIET students. “Sammilan” is a great platform for the youth of J&K. The MIET campus is a beautiful one and the service to society that the MIER group has rendered is immeasurable. I wish it all the best and commit my personal support.

From Industry

Mr. John Nance
British Cultural Division, British High Commission, New Delhi

I am very pleased to visit the beautiful MIET campus and am very impressed by the facilities and the scale of vision you have for the future. I wish your endeavor every good fortune.

Ms. S Malathi
Country Manager, Academic Initiative, IBM India

MIET has been doing a great job in orienting students towards academic and technical excellence. It is the premier institution in the region and therefore IBM has partnered with MIET. I wish the institution success in its endeavor to attain greater heights.

Prof. Vijay Kumar
University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA

NGCIS is a very useful research forum that brings students and researchers together for exchange of ideas. MIET has the potential to evolve into a respected research-based institution.

Mr. Krishna Kant
Head, EMC Academic Alliance, South Asia and Russia

EMC has been associated with MIET since 2006. MIET alumni are at fairly senior technical positions in EMC Singapore, EMC Middle-East and at several EMC partners. MIET students are at par with the best in the country.

From Students

Swapan Shridhar
Senior Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore

Being part of the MIET has been one of the defining moments in my journey towards success. The technical exposure that I got here and the excellent opportunity provided by college of interning at Hewlett-Packard (HP), Bangalore under the "HP-University Student's Program'06" made me industry ready and fostered in me the importance and need for innovation and sound understanding of the products end-to-end. The excellent guidance got from Dr. Ankur Gupta, HOD, Computer Science made us finish 3rd in final conference for the HP project undertaken by us, out of 20 different colleges across India. And, as always, hard work results in excellent results. I was offered a full-time opportunity at HP, where I worked for 5 years. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at University of Texas at Dallas. I attribute all these milestones in my career to one solid foundation laid during my Bachelors at MIET. In all, it was a fruitful and a satisfying experience.

Ruchieka Sharma
Full-Time MBA candidate,University of Edinburgh Business School

Its dedicated faculty, good infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories and talent pool in terms of students, along with its quality policy have made MIET what it is today - the most sought after engineering college in the State. Almost 10 years ago (Oh time just flies away!) when I entered this college, there were just dreams and aspirations in my mind, but support from MIET and my personal efforts made it a reality today. The way this college prepares students to face global competition and come out successful is unique and unmatched. Along with imparting quality education, this college gives a lot of opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills, creativity and presentation skills through the various events organized. Whether it was the stressful exam moments, the exciting festivals, the tensed interview moments or the elated success moments, the entire team of MIET has been a great morale booster.I wish MIET the very best in their quest as befitting a world class quality education which sets benchmarks for other institutes to follow.

Vikram Goel
Associate Manager - Corporate Strategy Group Mahindra Satyam

As I jot down my thoughts about MIET, my Alma mater, 5.5 years after stepping out of its premises, one core strength which seems to dawn on me now is the unsaid spirit of entrepreneurship embedded in its DNA. It is this spirit which has translated many of its students into dynamic, self driven leaders proving their mettle in big organizations across the globe. And it doesn't take big management programs to inculcate this DNA for success. What it takes is the trust that MIET shows in its students to take up various initiatives, give them the freedom to drive on their own, allow them to fail & encourage them to get up & do it better the next time. This is something which I went through during my tenure at MIET - a tenure which transformed a shy boy into a well socializing, dynamic student. I believe that along with high standards of education is what also laid foundation for me to rise up to the big platform where I'm today. I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the MIET family - management, our teachers & fellows, for enriching my life! Thank You! I keep visiting MIET during my Jammu visits & am very glad to see the excited students undertaking various Industry projects, thanks to MIET's alliance with HP, IBM & others. What excites me personally is Ankur Sir's keen interest to take the institution to the next level or orbit through initiatives such as Entrepreneur Seed Fund, Technical Platforms etc. I'm sure MIET has a great potential to be the Change Agent in J&K region & eventually, in India.I would be more than happy to contribute to MIET's progress by grooming young leaders & more...

Wajid B Munshi
Senior Associate,Cognizant Technology Solutions

It’s been a pleasure to be part of MIET family. The MIET that I knew has grown by leaps and bounds from the time it was established.In such a short time the institution has made tremendous progress, from achieving several firsts in the state. Firsts among the private institutions in state to have dedicated internet labs, first among the private institutions in the state to enter into collaborations with several multinationals or be it the first institution in the state to achieve ISO rating .Speaking of firsts there is one distinction that no one can take from me. I am in the first person to enroll in the MIET family, being the Roll No. 1 for the very first batch of MIET.I have had several advantages and as well as disadvantages for being Roll No. 1 J , looking back retrospectively I cherish it.I can never forget the support we got from our teachers especially Saleem sir, Bhawani sir for electrical labs.Will never forget the teachers like B.L. Raina, Prof. Jalali, Prof. Koul, Prof. Mala, Prof. Khosa, Sumit sir and so many..The first batch completed its curriculum in 2004 and soon after that I got into an IT company "BQE Software’s" from there I moved to Tata Consultancy Services and recently into Cognizant Technology Solutions. The hard work that we did in our college has definitely helped in setting up a solid foundation on which we can rise and grow up the ladder of success. I say sky’s the limit for all Mietians.I am keen followers on MIET Face book page and looking at the events being held like cultural events, assistance in placements, health insurance coverage, personnel email ids on MIET domain; it seems MIET is not only shining in education but also in provide additional exposure and support to allow Mietians to achieve more and grow beyond their capabilities.

Sumit Malhotra
IIm Indore

The extracurricular activities have helped in enhancingtechnical as well as communication skills. The college have always encouragedsports spirit of students and organized many sports events which alwaysrefreshed us. College canteen was the place where all the planning about thefuture and other things took place for everybody and it was also the most happeningplace .Though competition was always very high still there was feeling of unityand college also promoted that .Ithank M.I.E.T for giving me such unforgettable sweet memories, everlastingknowledge... I thank the teachers of M.I.E.T especially Ankur Sir whohave always encouraged us to bring the best out of us so that we could achievethe best in life... the 4 yrs I spend in M.I.E.T were few of the best days ofmy life...I not only enjoyed but also gained oodles of knowledge which helpedme in later stages of my life