Dr. Arun K Gupta was widely regarded as the pioneer who ushered in private participation in the higher education sector in J&K with the setting up of the MIER College of Education in 1981. He was a true visionary, a teacher, a researcher, mentor to thousands, and an educationalist in the true sense of the word. He was an internationally renowned authority in education, especially in psychology, creativity, and early-childhood education. In 1995 he envisioned setting up the Model Institute of Engineering and Technology and through his indomitable spirit and dint of hard work brought it to fruition in 1999, making it the first private engineering college in J&K. Since, then these institutions have served the educational needs of J&K with merit and gained significant recognition in the process. Dr. Gupta was a towering personality with a photographic memory. His ability to recall the names of his students decades later never ceased to amaze. He had laser-like focus, determination, and attention to detail. He was a true wordsmith, blessed with complete command over the languages, equally impressive as an orator and as a writer. His students loved him for his style of deep engagement and genuine sincerity towards their development. He was a mentor to many young teachers, helping launch brilliant careers for many. He was deeply wedded to social causes and gave back to the region in his own unique ways. His core values of Shreshtha (Excellence), Shram (Deligence) and Navinta (Innovation) shall continue to inspire generations of educators & students to come. Dr. Arun Kumar Gupta left us for his heavenly abode in 2021. 


The Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) at MIET under the aegis of the Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) empowers the faculty and students to strive for excellence based on a model of deep engagement and experimentation. Experts, mentors and TLC champions strive to create a platform for delivering an evolved and modern teaching, learning, evaluation and assessment experience. The TLC conducts a rich plethora of events and activities including training, skill and capacity building programs, content creation, induction and orientation programmes besides championing hybrid-learning, peer-tutoring and academic support, adoption of new pedagogies and technology and engaging in research around teaching-learning.

TLC@MIET is headed by Dr. Veena Kumar, an eminent Professor at University of Maryland, Global Campus, USA in the capacity as Honorary Director.
She has over three decades of experience in higher education with impeccable credentials and demonstrated expertise in devising effective strategies for attaining enhanced outcomes in teaching-learning.


"To deliver the world-class teaching-learning experiences to the MIET Community through leveraging global best practices, contents, effective use of ICT, and emerging pedagogies."


TLC North Zone Symposium @ Plaksha University
Future Landscape for Higher Education : Trail Blazing Emerging Trends in Teaching and Learning
Peet Tutors @MIET TLC
Hon'ble Director Prof. Ankur Gupta, felcitating Student Ambassadors at MIET
Discussions on Member Certifications
Discussion with Prof. Krishna Vedula, Executive Director of the Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)
20 Faculty Members Achieve IIEECP Certification at MIET
Announcing the achievement of 20 MIET faculty members who have successfully completed the IIEECP certification, enhancing their teaching skills and enriching our academic community."
Teaching Learning Award
MIET received Teaching Learning Award at 11th International Conference on Transformation in Engineering Education