TLC North Zone – 1 Day Symposium @ Plaksha University

MIET participated in the TLC North Zone one-day symposium on May 24th at Plaksha University, Punjab, themed “Future Landscape for Higher Education: Trail Blazing Emerging Trends in Teaching and Learning.” Our esteemed faculty, Prof. Sahil Sawhney, served as an expert panelist in the discussion on “Nurturing Regional Ecosystems.” He shared insights alongside prominent Deans and Heads, including Dr. Nandini Kanan from Plaksha, Dr. Shivani Malhotra from Chitkara, Dr. Vandana Suhag from NIIT University, Dr. Devender Singh from AKGEC, Dr. Nirupama from BMI Munji University, Dr. Sugandha Singh from SGT University, and Dr. Neeraj Goel from IIT Ropar. The session, moderated by Ms. Sampada Panchaury, Director of IUCEE, highlighted our institution’s innovative initiatives such as Coursera on Campus, I Survive Bootcamp, community projects, and IUCEE certification for faculty. Additionally, Dr. Ankita Nanda presented a poster on the “Deep Engagement Model for Student Success,” conceptualized by our Director, Prof. Ankur Gupta. This pilot study demonstrated the impact of personalized coaching, mentoring, and high-quality equipment exposure on student outcomes. Dr. Surbhi Sharma also showcased a poster on “Peer Tutoring,” revealing how peer-led learning enhances academic performance and benefits both mentors and mentees. Both presentations were recorded at the Plaksha Studio and will be available on their website soon.

Outcome-Based Education Workshop

MIET hosted a one-day workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) for faculty members of MIER College of Education (Autonomous), fostering a collaborative environment to refine teaching practices in alignment with OBE principles. Prof. Ankur Gupta, MIET Director, initiated the session, followed by a keynote by Prof. Adit Gupta, MIER Director, stressing OBE’s role in crafting Program Outcomes, Program Specific Outcomes, and Course Outcomes. Dr. Renu Gupta, MIER Chairperson, presented the new Vision Document and underscored OBE’s significance in achieving course outcomes through robust assessment practices. Prof. Sahil Sawhney, GM, Strategic Initiatives, elucidated OBE principles and guided faculty in outcome design, emphasizing mapping course outcomes with program outcomes and leveraging OBE-based assessment tools like PI360. The workshop, featuring sessions by the Dr. Arun K Gupta Center of Teaching and Learning, included engaging activities and discussions on teaching methodologies, enhancing faculty readiness for OBE implementation.


Dr. Surbhi and Dr. Ankita Nanda had the privilege of attending the IUCEE North Connect Edsphere Summit hosted at Chitkara University, an experience that proved profoundly enriching, offering invaluable insights and exposure. Throughout the summit, we had the honor of interacting with esteemed figures such as Prof. Veena Kumar, Prof. Krishna Vedula, and Ms. Sampada, all of whom expressed genuine appreciation for the initiatives spearheaded by our institute’s TLC, the Dr. Arun K Gupta Center for Teaching and Learning at MIET. Our institute felt privileged to stand alongside five other distinguished institutions including Plaksha University, IIT Ropar, Chitkara University, AKGEC Ghaziabad, BML Munjal University, and NIIT University, as active participants in this prestigious event.

Key discussions at the summit encompassed various pivotal topics, including fortifying the IUCEE Network in the Northern Region, nurturing and expanding IUCEE Student chapters, with a focus on their participation in IASF during ICTIEE Conferences. Additionally, there was emphasis on fostering critical thinking skills, promoting research in engineering education and scholarship of teaching-learning, assessing the progress of IIEECP courses and their benefits for students and faculty, and shedding light on forthcoming events and activities across different TLCs.


Faculty Development Programs

TLC@MIET organised a hands-on training session on CAMU on 20-10-22. Prof. Ashok Kumar, Dean Academics MIET, initiated the session by familiarising the newly inducted faculty members about the functions and importance of CAMU LMS. Dr. Hanuman Prasad, Mr. Parveen Abrol and Ms. Kavita Abrol apprised the faculty members about the creating and updating of OBE, LMS, Lecture Plans and Teaching Content on CAMU LMS. All the newly inducted faculty members of all the departments and all the faculty members of the Applied Sciences Department attended the session.


FDP on Active Learning:18 October, 2022

Prof. Veena Kumar discussed the difference between traditional one-way learning and active learning. Prof. Kumar also discussed Active vs. Collaborative learning and the Theoretical Framework Support for Active learning. Imparting knowledge and not just information transfer in the classroom is very critical. She also emphasized emotional learning as emotions strengthen learning. Faculty members actively participated in the activities during the session


Training Module: Student Mentoring on CAMU

Dr. Arun K Gupta Teaching Learning Centre at MIET conducted its third training module on “Student Mentoring on CAMU” for faculty across all departments. The training began with a briefing on mentoring observations from the Academic Audit, emphasizing document quality and procedural standards. This was followed by a hands-on session where faculty learned to schedule mentoring sessions on CAMU, ensuring uniform mentee allotment, effective use of pi360 as a performance indicator, and proper documentation of actions and remarks. The sessions aimed to enhance mentoring effectiveness and standardize practices across the institute.

Designing Couse files TLC

Training Module: Designing Couse File

MIET’s Dr. Arun K Gupta Teaching Learning Centre conducted a module on ‘Designing Course Files’ for faculty across departments. Led by Dr. Ankita Nanda, Dr. Surbhi Sharma, Dr. Mansi Gupta, and Dr. Sarabdeep Singh, the session addressed outcomes of the Academic Audit, focusing on file quality. Faculty engaged in hands-on course preparation for current semester teaching. Drive links were provided for file sharing. Future sessions on mentoring and Learning Management Systems were announced. This initiative aims to enhance teaching quality and documentation standards.


Enhancing Assessment Quality: Workshop on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Dr. Arun K Gupta TLC organized a workshop on ‘Bloom’s Taxonomy Framework in Designing Question Papers Mapped with COs and POs.’ Led by Prof. Ashok Kumar, Dean Academic Affairs, it emphasized aligning assessments with student learning outcomes. Strategies for mapping questions to Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes were discussed, alongside Bloom’s Taxonomy application for higher-order skills testing. The session included hands-on practice in designing question papers, ensuring faculty can enhance assessment quality. This initiative addresses the need for examination reforms in engineering education, fostering improved assessment practices.

Enhancing Acedemic Integrity

Enhancing Academic Integrity

Dr. Arun K Gupta TLC at MIET organized an Orientation Session on Academic Record Integrity for Heads of Departments and Senior Faculty. The session aimed to standardize academic procedures across departments, emphasizing documentation alignment with accreditation standards like NAAC and NBA. Dr. Ankita highlighted the importance of transparency and integrity in academic records, followed by query resolution. Dr. Surbhi encouraged department heads to disseminate these discussions within their departments, ensuring faculty awareness and compliance

Peer Tutoring

TLC@MIET conducted its first Peer tutoring session in the “Centre for Teaching and Learning”, for a student of 3rd semester_CED. The TLC@MIET strives to create environment that supports individual and collaborative learning, encouraging social interactions, active engagement in learning and motivation.

Introduction to TLC@MIET during Induction

TLC@MIET delivers a session on introduction to TLC @ MIET to first semester students so to familiarize them with objectives of TLC.