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MIET provides a value based platform for imparting quality education to equip future corporate leaders and Engineers.

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Courses offered at MIET stand approved by the Government of J&K & AICTE. MIET follows curriculum duly approved by the University of Jammu.

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What our Alumni say...

“Being part of the MIET has been one of the defining moments in my journey towards success. The technical exposure that I got here and the excellent opportunity provided by college of interning at Hewlett-Packard (HP), Bangalore under the "HP-University Student's Program'06" made me industry ready and fostered in me the importance and need for innovation and sound understanding of the products end-to-end. The excellent guidance got from Dr. Ankur Gupta, HOD, Computer Science made us finish 3rd in final conference for the HP project undertaken by us, out of 20 different colleges across India. And, as always, hard work results in excellent results. I was offered a full-time opportunity at HP, where I worked for 5 years."

Swapan Shridhar     2003 Batch

“Its dedicated faculty, good infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories and talent pool in terms of students, along with its quality policy have made MIET what it is today - the most sought after engineering college in the State. Almost 10 years ago (Oh time just flies away!) when I entered this college, there were just dreams and aspirations in my mind, but support from MIET and my personal efforts made it a reality today. The way this college prepares students to face global competition and come out successful is unique and unmatched. Along with imparting quality education, this college gives a lot of opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills, creativity and presentation skills through the various events organized.”

Ruchieka Sharma    2002 Batch
“Its been 10 years since i graduated from MIET but the umbilical cord remains protected & active as it was many years back. When I look back to reflect what made me reach where i am today, I clearly see the crucial role that MIET played in my evolution, from a shy student to becoming a young leader. The visionary leadership team, our passionate & always accessible faculty, state of the art facilities and of course, diverse student base @ MIET are a perfect recipe for the candidates keen to pursue Engineering & Management studies. In a country where Engineering colleges mushroom everywhere, what differentiates this institution from others is its progressive outlook, its ability to recognize the changes driving the new world & re-aligning accordingly and its constant pursuit towards challenging the status quo.”

Vikram Goel   2002 Batch
“MIET was the 1st platform that gave wings to my career. I feel lucky to get into MIET. The course curriculum is same as any other college but what distinguishes MIET from the rest is the close relationship of its leadership team with the industry. Students get many opportunities to work on real life industry projects in addition to regular coursework. Under the able guidance of Dr. Ankur Gupta MIET is destined to become an educational center of excellence in India in times to come. It is already the best engineering college in the State of J&K. I am keen followers on MIET Face book page and looking at the events being held like cultural events, assistance in placements, health insurance coverage, personnel email ids on MIET domain. ”

Bharat Mahajan   2003 Batch
“The extracurricular activities at MIET have helped in enhancing my technical as well as communication skills. The college hs always encouraged sports spirit of students and organized many sports events which always refreshed us. College canteen was the place where all the planning about the future took place in tne most natural environment. I thank MIET for giving me such unforgettable sweet memories, everlasting knowledge. I am grateful to the teachers of MIET especially Ankur Sir who have always encouraged us to bring the best out of us so that we could achieve the best in life... the 4 yrs I spent at MIET were the best days of my life...I not only enjoyed but also gained oodles of knowledge which is helping me now. ”

Sumit Malhotra   2003 Batch
“It's been a pleasure to be part of MIET family. The MIET that I knew has grown by leaps and bounds from the time it was established. In such a short time the institution has made tremendous progress, from achieving several firsts in the state. Firsts among the private institutions in state to have dedicated internet labs, first among the private institutions in the state to enter into collaborations with several multinationals or be it the first institution in the state to achieve ISO rating. Speaking of firsts there is one distinction that no one can take from me. I am in the first person to enroll in the MIET family, being the Roll No. 1 for the very first batch of MIET. Looking back retrospectively I cherish it. I can never forget the support we got from our teachers especially Saleem sir and Bhawani sir for electrical labs."

Wajid B Munshi     2003 Batch
“I started my journey around 15 years back, Came out of normal education background, I got the needed confidence at MIET that i too can compete and excel in life. I owe all my success to my tenure at MIET. MIET is one the best college in state. Its uniqueness lies in equal focus on acamedics and overall personal development. The faculty at MIET is one of the very best and their goal is to make you a confident and matured professional. Once you come out of the college, you have the confidence to take the world on their own and make successfull carreer in different fields. Talking about Campus placement, the rate of placements is one of best in the state. Over a period of time, it is getting improved year by year because comapnies trust the kind of talent they are getting there. Infact i personally got campus placed way back in 2005 and things have only improved from that point onwards."

Vishay Gupta     2001 Batch
“My 4 years at MIET were really enlightening for me in both personal as well professional fronts. I underwent a complete transition from a core academic student to an individual filled with a glutton for exposure. Within the first few months, I realized that besides having a good academic teaching staff, MIET was also having a bunch of opportunities for students to groom and emerge as a better professional being. Frequent workshops, seminars, presentations, alumni lectures, mentorship programs, personality development sessions, adventurous camps, industrial exposure from companies like Aircel, Nokia HERE etc, were a few pearls of opportunity out of the treasure house. The college helped me to inculcate a sense of being something “Out of the Crowd” in myself."

Rajet Veshin 2012 Batch

"As I jot down my thoughts about MIET, my Alma mater, 5.5 years after stepping out of its premises, one core strength which seems to dawn on me now is the unsaid spirit of entrepreneurship embedded in its DNA. It is this spirit which has translated many of its students into dynamic, self driven leaders proving their mettle in big organizations across the globe. And it doesn't take big management programs to inculcate this DNA for success. What it takes is the trust that MIET shows in its students to take up various initiatives, give them the freedom to drive on their own, allow them to fail & encourage them to get up & do it better the next time. This is something which I went through during my tenure at MIET - a tenure which transformed a shy boy into a well socializing, dynamic student."

Dr Zakir Hussain 2005 Batch

"My name is Sumant and have completed my B.E in Computer Science Engineering. My four years in MIET has been truly amazing and instrumental in providing 360-degree transformation to my attitude, skills, and knowledge. The quality of technical exposure, world-class mentoring, international tie-ups and industrial exposure has contributed immensely in winning accolades at the national level. I have received offer letters from two leading multinational companies. I would like to extend my gratitude towards faculty members and management for their continuous support throughout 4 years. I would end by saying Future Begins at MIET."

Sumant Pangotra 2014 Batch

"Hello everyone, my name is Suave Bajaj and completed I have done Computer Science Engineering from MIET. MIET has provided me with a wide arena of the computer science field and thus I got to learn something new with every subject. Prof. Ankur Gupta, Director MIET has stood with me every time as a mentor and as a guide. I worked with him on a patentable project idea which has opened up doors of opportunities for me. This helped me in getting placement in HPE, which is a great brand name to start my career with."

Suave Bajaj 2014 Batch

"Hello everyone, my name is Udhav Verma and completed I have done Computer Science Engineering from MIET. Life as a MIET student is unique in its own right. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extracurriculars to achieve overall development of the students. The growth I have seen in myself due to MIET is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. The innovative assignments for each subject provide many opportunities for students to come up with ideas that relate to the subject. Students can make use of these opportunities to initiate new projects and gradually proceed with them by combining and incorporating the concepts of different subjects into it. All faculties welcome and support such initiatives. This is an approach that I took, and I was successful in developing some good projects in this process."

Udhav Verma 2014 Batch

"I, Rakshita Khajuria, pass out of Electronics and Communication Engineering Batch 2014. I sincerely appreciate and express my gratitude to all the Faculty for their immense support and encouragement and their efforts in imparting quality Technical skills and overall personality development. I am grateful to them for providing us the inspiring environment by arranging many technical workshops, training programs, conferences,co-curricular activities and helping students to get involved in professional projects. As far as placements are concerned the faculty totally feels responsible and has provided us with various opportunities and it is up to us how we perform. I feel really lucky and proud to have been a part of this institution not only because I got placed but because of the support they have provided me unconditionally."

Rakshita Khajuria 2014 Batch

"It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my graduation from MIET. It has a wonderful faculty and the relationship between the students and faculties is very cordial which gives each individual an equal opportunity to excel in their areas of interest. Education and placement department continuously provided assistance to us regarding placements. This period of 4 years was splendid and has definitely helped me to grow better professionally and personally."

Shefali Sharma 2014 Batch

"My name is Shruti Dhingra and I have done my engineering in Information Technology from M.I.E.T. I have chosen M.I.E.T because it's one of the best engineering colleges in J&K. It gave me a lot of opportunities to excel my knowledge and skills in my field. The exposure they provide is far way good for the person who wants to achieve something. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a better person."

Shruti Dhingra 2014 Batch

"Engineering is a field with uniqueness and individuality, the passion for which comes within the individual. Being a part of this course in MIET is like know your own individuality. The exposure they provide is far way good than any other college in J&K. The faculty is always available and willing to help. The colleagues help you out in every way. Here the potentials are harnessed, skills are developed and confidence is built."

Adhirath Kesar 2014 Batch

"As a student who majored in Computer ScienceEngineering, my journeyat MIET has been a memorable one. With the constant encouragement of my instructors, I strove for good grades and became involved in various student organizations like MIET Literary Club, ACM Student Chapter and CSI.Other than this I went through various trainings including AWS, RPA, Competency Building Programthat helped me shape my career and secure placement."

Zuha Atta  2016 Batch

"During the four year of my journey, MIET,Jammu proved to be a pool of opportunities for me. It not just provides us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and skills but also give us a platform that makes us a perfect professional being. Our Institute is the only one in the region of J&K that concern with the development of students in all spheres. I wholeheartedly thank my Institute, Director Sir, Training &Placement Cell,my Department and all my Staff members."

Abhay Jeet Zutshi  2016 Batch

"Never thought of an institute like MIET, Jammu that provides a plethora of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. In the four year of my journey I found my Institute a comprehensive platform and always ready to help. This is the only Institute in whole region of J&K which is continuously focusing on the development of students in all spheres that every institute should opt. From the very beginning the main approach of my institute had always been in transforming us to an industry-oriented asset, impacting education to the practical implementation of it. MIET always tries to inculcate team sprit and leadership in us .I got selected  in two India’s leading companies  I'm thankful to my institute, director sir, training & placement cell and all staff members. It's always been proud to be a part of MIET family."

Adil Ishaq Ganai  2016 Batch

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