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A networking academic has been set up at MIET in collaboration with Cisco Inc. to impart training to students in the area of internet working technologies, such as to increase their chances of employability. For this purpose, a state of the art networking laboratory comprising of high-end Cisco routers and switches has been set up at MIET. All the course content is electronically delivered and students are evaluated online using Cisco developed study material.

Cisco Certification

  • CISCO Networking Academy courses are designed to give students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in an instructor-led environment.
  • Only authorized CISCO Partner in the region.
  • Access to latest online CISCO curriculum maintained by CISCO itself.
  • Become alumni of the CISCO Networking Academy after completion of CCNA course.
  • Well established networking labs maintained according to International standards of CISCO.
  • Hands on experience on latest CISCO equipments.
  • Regular classes by CISCO Certified Instructors only.
  • After successful completion of course entitled to 60% discount of CCNA Industry Certifications (Only for CISCO Networking Academy Students).
  • Access to better job opportunities by CISCO and its partners worldwide.
  • Skill competitions with CISCO Networking Academy students throughout the world.
  • An intensive industry oriented CCNA training program.

Structure of Cisco Lab 

  • Lab Equipments are directly procured from CISCO
  • One Lab (30 PCs)

Curriculum Goals and Objectives

  • Prepares students for CCNA Certification.
  • After completing the Certification, students may join as Network Engineers ⁄ Network Administrators ⁄ Network Technicians.
  • Provides theoretical as well as the hands-on introduction to networking and the internet.