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Our unequivocal emphasis on quality reflects in our credentials. MIET is the first only NAAC accredited engineering college in the State of J&K. Departments of CSE and ECE were the first to be accredited by the National Board for Accreditation (NBA). 


Innovation is the guiding philosophy of MIET's approach to technical education. Whether it is the filing of 15 patents, incubating 2 IT products, having a full-fledged Center for Software Development, Becoming the first institution in India to adopt software analytics for quality and strategic management or promoting entrepreneurship, MIET is at the forefront of all things innovative.

Student's Experience

 At MIET we strive to create unique experiences for our students. Students track and manage their own performance through the award-winning Performance Insight 360 analytics software which is developed in-house at MIET. Our students attend the acclaimed I-Survive adventure boot camp across 4-levels for attitude shaping and life-skills development. A student at MIET on an average is exposed to over 50 technical, cultural, literary and social events ensuring broad-based exposure and experience.