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Best Practice No. 1

  • Title: Performance Insight 360: Quality Analytics Framework at MIET
  • Goal: To enhance the quality, performance and achievement levels of all stakeholders and institutionalize a culture of high performance in the institution
  • The Context: Using ICT to enhance governance and improve institutional performance.
  • The Practice: A cloud-based quality management software which automates many aspects of quality assurance and provides each stakeholder with a dashboard of their cumulative performance.
  • Evidence of Success: Year-over-year improvement in institutional performance index and achievement levels leading to best admissions in the region.
  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Getting stakeholder buy-in ensuring usage and creating process interventions to ensure compliance, leading to PI-360 becoming ingrained in the day-to-day working of the institution. Resources required are a cloud-based Virtual Private Server to deploy the solution and ensure 24x7uptime.
  • Notes: Performance Insight 360 which is an analytics framework for managing quality at the individual, group and institutional levels. Two patents have been filed at the Indian Patents Office by the Centre for Software Development at MIET encompassing this invention. Three national-level awards received by PI-360 are a testament to its innovation.

Best Practice No. 2

  • Title: Research Awards and Research Promotion Scheme.
  • Goal: To create a culture of promoting quality research at MIET.
  • The Context: Research is an integral component of higher technical education but producing quality research output remains challenging. For an institution, such as MIET, which offers primarily undergraduate courses in Engineering, getting research activities off the ground requires an innovative strategy to be formulated.
  • The Practice: The Research Promotion Scheme at MIET provides financial incentives to faculty and students for their research output besides providing financial support in attending conferences, paying registration fees etc. The Annual Research Awards recognize the researchers and help celebrate individual/group achievements.
  • Evidence of Success: 650+ research papers published by faculty to date with 60% in international journals and conferences, 26 patents filed, 2 patents granted, 2 IT products incubated, 3 mobile applications developed.
  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Overcoming inertia, creating awareness about the benefits of research in career development and growth, creating a budget for research and demonstrating an institutional commitment to research, the low fee structure was a hindrance in creating facilities/resources for research.

Notes: This best practice is unique to MIET in the state of J&K making it the only private institution which has a credible research output and culture which supports faculty research.

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